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Healthcare Technology: Local, National, and Global Considerations


Healthcare Technology: Local, National, and Global Considerations

Imagine that you are a public health nurse, and you and your colleagues have determined that the threat of a deadly new strain of influenza indicates a need for a mass inoculation program in your community. What public health data would have been used to determine the need for such a program? Where would you locate public health data? What data will be collected to determine the success of such a program? How might you communicate this to other communities or internationally?

Think of the coronavirus pandemic and the steps that had to be implemented in a short period of time for the safety of the public. According to Nussbaumer-Streit, et. al. (2020), modeling studies used to make educated predictions of the impact of quarantine with other protective measures (limited travel, wearing masks, avoiding large crowds, social distancing) showed that up to 75% of deaths related to COVID-19 might be prevented. This is a very timely discussion this week and I look forward to your thoughts!

Course Objectives for the week:

CO 1: Describe patient-care technologies as appropriate to address the needs of a diverse patient population.

CO 2: Analyze data from all relevant sources, including technology, to inform the delivery of care.

CO 4: Investigate safeguards and decision-making support tools embedded in patient care technologies and information systems to support a safe practice environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

CO 5: Identify patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe nursing practice.

CO 6: Discuss the principles of data integrity, professional ethics, and legal requirements related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and client’s right to privacy.

CO 7: Examine the use of information systems to document interventions related to achieving nurse-sensitive outcomes.

CO 8: Discuss the value of best evidence as a driving force to institute change in delivery of nursing care.

Remember to provide at least two substantive posts in the discussion (approximately 200-250 words).


Nussbaumer-Streit, B., Mayr, V., Dobrescu, A., Chapman, A., Persad, E., Klerings, I., Wagner, G., Siebert, U., Ledinger, D., Zachariah, C., Gartlehner, G. (2020). Quarantine alone or in combination with other public health measures to control COVID-19: A rapid review. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (9), Art. No.: CD013574. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD013574.pub2.

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