Healthy people 2020


For this portfolio sub-assignment/activity, you will need to visit the Healthy People 2020 website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Take some time to explore the website and familiarize yourself with its content and layout, then find the section on Social Determinants of Health. Select one of the Social Determinants of Health listed in the Healthy People 2020 documentation and address the following questions.

To receive credit for the assignment, you will need to answer ALL of the following questions in the submission box (please number the questions for clarity).

1. Identify your chosen SDOH and provide a 1-2 sentence overview. (0.2)

2. Identify an objective under topic, including baseline and target. (0.2)

3. Link your SDOH to another Healthy People 2020 topic area (be sure you’ve explored the website) and provide a rationale for how the SDOH you identified in #1 contributes to that topic area (0.2)

4. Link your example to one (1) PH Essential Service and Core Function, and provide a 1 sentence rationale for how this example relates to those constructs. (0.2)

5. Briefly explain (1-2 sentences) why this SDOH and topic area are of interest to you (0.2)

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