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This assignment for Computer Since #2

This allows you to address the skills gap. What is a project you are excited

about doing because it will help you get where you want to be? What are
your weekly goals that will help you get there? Even if your feelings about
your project change over the semester, I want you to lay out a project you
are willing to stick with for the entire semester. And I want you to lay out
what you plan to complete every week of the semester. This is a good time
to work through the S.M.A.R.T goals worksheet. Please be sure to document
what you are doing related to this project. You will use the web sites you
visit as part of your citations and literature review later. You will do a 1
minute presentation on your project in class
• (30 points) Write 2-3 paragraphs discussing what you want to go do.
Discuss the project outcomes, the skills you will need, and other ideas
you have related to the project.
• (10 points) Write a one paragraph project description
• (10 points) Describe your project in a single sentence
• (10 points) Write an outline of your final code, or the basic outline of
the basic structure of the work you plan to do.
• (10 points) What is your project title?
• (15 points) What are your big three project goals (5 points per goal)
• (20 points) Describe templates or guides you will be using for reference
on your quest.
• (5 points) Week 6 project deliverable: What are you going to have
completed this week? How do you know you have it done?
• (5 points) Week 7 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 8 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 9 project deliverable

• (5 points) Week 10 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 11 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 12 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 13 project deliverable
• (5 points) Week 14 project deliverable

Link to smart goals: (Links to an external site.).pdf

Example of a Semester Project Description: (Links to an external site.)

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