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1.)What is your communicator style (senser, feeler, thinker, or intuitor)? What is your learning style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic)? Why do you identify with these? Cite examples from the text.

2. )For each of the following items, respond with one or two paragraphs.

A. Discuss how you can establish and build credibility before, during, and after your presentations.

B. Describe the importance of authenticity for presentations. Discuss how you can plan and rehearse for presentations and also maintain authenticity.

C. Discuss some strategies for overcoming nervousness and fear before and during presentations. Describe the three strategies you believe are most effective for you.

D. Explain the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication.

3.) Compare chronological and functional resumes. What are the drawbacks of each? The benefits of each.

*****I need two scholarly sources and a total of 550 word count. Use APA format and citation.

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