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this is the video we watch

Watch TED Talk video: Making content people love (10 minutes), Nguyer, D.

What three things resonated with you from the video talk by Dao Nguyen in the interview of BuzzFeed’s Publisher? Discuss an aspect that you see applicable to either your business, industry or one that is familiar to you.

these are the two posts the I need one response to each

“Watching the video, the first thing that resonated with me was, people participating in the shared anticipation of something about to happen. She went on about how being part of the community just for an instant made them happy. For instance, when I used to go to Minnesota State University, Mankato, every year after spring break we had that event called African Night. Where people will come and learn about African countries, their culture, taste the food from different countries, see people perform dances and also see the traditional outfits. So, each year people will come from different cities just to share the experience for a moment.

The second thing that resonated with me was about cultural cartography, and how in this age of media, content creators use to their platform to communicate with their audience, who could relate to their stories, share similar background, or just make them happy. For instance, I follow couple of content creators on YouTube and Instagram because I could relate to their stories and how they encourage you to do better and be a better version of yourself. And others because they have funny content that I can share with my friends.

And the last one was about understanding the job a product is doing for a customer. For instance, looking at Apple, by using data on their customers they are able to adjust their products and release each year products customers would be looking forward to.

Looking back at it, I think participating in the shared anticipation of something about to happen, helped us in trying to bring the audience something different and to look forward to when it came to putting together an African night event.

Nguyen, D. (2017, October). What makes something go viral? Retrieved November 29, 2020, from https://www.ted.com/talks/dao_nguyen_what_makes_something_go_viral/up-next

“Good evening everyone,

While watching this TedX, the first thing that resonated with me was individuals participating in the shared anticipation of an event. The first event that came to mind was the New Year’s Eve ball drop-in Times Square. For people who can either not attend the event in New York, or are not able to celebrate in person, this event brings a community of people together to celebrate across many platforms to bring in the New Year together. (2020 needs to be over with!)

The second point Nguyen made that resonated with me is how certain content can bring a group of people together. This content can bring groups together and allow people to learn from content creators. It allows people who have little to no knowledge on a subject to become “proficient” in a short period of time.

Lastly, when Nguyen was discussing the relationship between media companies and data. The data captured will allow companies to better produce, and share content that is most relatable to your interests.

Thank you for reading!”

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