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Helping in’t correct answer for multiple choice


1- In the treatment of depression, the advantages of drug therapies over psychotherapy are that drug therapies

O are more likely to be successful, and produce more long-lasting benefits

O generally produce benefits more rapidly

O produce more predictable results and produce fewer side-effects

O produce improvements in both mood and intelligence

Question 2 Client-centered therapists use which of the following techniques?

O genuineness

O unconditional acceptance

O empathy

O all of the above

Question 3 Which method of psychotherapy relies on free association and analysis of transference?

O Behavior modification

O Psychoanalysis

O Gestalt therapy

O Person-centered therapy

Question 4 Which are the three most common, most widespread psychological disorders in the United States?

O schizophrenia, panic disorder, and anorexia nervosa

O dissociative identity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and somatization disorder

O alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders

O dissociative disorder, mania, and autism

Question 5 Which of the following is NOT characteristic of mania?

O high activity level

O panic attacks

O lack of inhibitions

O rambling speech (“flight of ideas”)

Question 6 A compulsion is

O a repetitive action

O an excessive fear

O an ailment with no medical basis O a repetitive line of thought

Question 7 Someone with schizophrenia and is said to have delusions is probably

O having extremely intense emotions

O alternating between two or more distinct personalities

O experiencing unfounded beliefs O hearing voices

Question 8 If you have Schizophrenia, what is the likelihood that your identical twin will also develop Schizophrenia?

O 50%

O 67%

O 30%

O 100%

Question 9 A family therapist focuses most on

O changing an individual’s behaviors

O improving family relationships

O changing an individual’s beliefs O changing marital relationships

Question 10 Some patients in psychotherapy treat the therapist as a father or as some other significant figure in their life. This process is called

O resistance

O transference

O catharsis

O free association

Question 11 Cognitive therapists concentrate on changing people’s O free association

O body language

O behaviors

O thoughts

Question 12 People with bipolar disorder

O have had at least one episode of mania

O have never experienced a manic episode

O have had episodes of major depression and obsessive thoughts

O are not responsive to any type of treatment

Question 13 A technique that associates a pleasant, relaxed state with gradually increasing anxiety provoking stimuli is called? O systematic desensitization

O cognitive therapy

O humanistic therapy

O back-to-basics therapy

Question 14 DSM is a book that describes

O ethical standards for psychological experiments

O the facilities and practices of the larger mental hospitals in the United States

O criteria for each psychological disorder

O the drugs that are used in psychiatry and their side effects

Question 15 Lithium salts are commonly used as a therapy for which of these conditions?

O bipolar disorder

O unipolar reactive depression Oschizophrenia

Osuicidal patients who fail to respond to antidepressant drugs

Question 16 The most commonly reported phobia is a fear of

O bugs, mice, snakes, or bats

O guns and electricity

O flying in airplanes

O closed places

Question 17 People who suffer from depression often

O sleep for unusually long times before they enter REM sleep

O have trouble concentrating

O have an exaggerated belief in their own ability to control what happens to them

O are very unlikely to attempt suicide

Question 18 A person who goes through several months experiencing little interest, little pleasure and little reason for productive activity is most likely suffering from

O dysthymia

O chronic fatigue syndrome

O iron-deficiency anemia

O major depression

Question 19 Which type of therapy focuses more on changing what people do rather than how they think?

O behavior therapy

O rational-emotive therapy

O cognitive therapy

O psychoanalysis

Question 20 In order to diagnose someone with a psychological disorder

O they need to have impairment in functioning

O they need to have a complete mental breakdown before a diagnosis is warranted

O they can only be diagnosed if they are not taking medication

O they must exhibit the symptoms for at least a week for most disorders

Question 21 What does the “biopsychosocial model” of abnormal behavior mean?

O Each disorder depends on either biological, psychological, or social problems

O Each disorder results from a combination of biological, psychological and social problems O Someone who has a biological disorder can overcome it by psychological and social interventions

O Biological interventions can overcome psychological or social problems

Question 22 An obsession is a

O ritual or habit

O physical ailment without a medical basis

O false, unfounded belief

O repetitive, unwelcome thought

Question 23 A person-centered therapist provides a client with

O paradoxical interventions

O advice on how to overcome automatic thoughts

O unconditional positive regard

O behavior modification

Question 24 Shelly’s job requires that she regularly fly to meetings around the country. She is so afraid of flying that she ends up getting fired for her refusal to travel. Shelly may have a

O seasonal affective disorder

O obsessive compulsive disorder O phobic disorder

O generalized anxiety disorder

Question 25 Freud’s method of psychotherapy is called

O rational-emotive therapy

O eclectic therapy

O cognitive therapy

O psychoanalysis

26- A self-help group is like a group therapy session except that the self-help group

O is sponsored by a business or industry

O has no more than two or three members

O does not include a trained therapist

O does not include people with psychological disorders

27- What do humanistic psychotherapists (including person-centered therapists) try to eliminate?

O chemical imbalances among neurotransmitters in the brain

O bad habits and other self-defeating behaviors O incongruence between self-concept and ideal self

O resistance to the therapist’s interpretations

28- Positive symptoms in schizophrenia refer to behaviors that …………….while negative symptoms refer to behaviors that ………………

O are socially accepted.. are socially unaccepted

O are present .. are absent

O are helpful.. are harmful

O lead to recover . lead to a worsening of the condition

29- Cognitive therapy can be used to combat depression by teaching people to

O take medications consistently

O combat negative thoughts

O be vigilant in monitoring situations in which a panic attach may occur

O provide excuses for irrational behavior

30- Which disorder is classified as an Anxiety Disorder?

O Schizophrenia

O Phobias

O Hoarding


31- A person who believes she is Mother Theresa is suffering from ………..

O a hallucination

O a loose association

O a delusion

O catatonic behavior

32- One of the disadvantages of most antidepressant drugs is that they

O act primarily by increasing activity at acetylcholine synapses

O have a significant risk of becoming addictive to the user

O produce unpleasant side effects

O should be used only briefly, until the person begins to recover from the psychological disorder

33- Studies that evaluate the effectiveness of psychotherapy generally find that

O people who receive no treatment are just as likely to improve as those who receive psychotherapy

O almost no psychologically disturbed people improve without the benefits of psychotherapy

O people are actually more likely to improve without psychotherapy than with it

O the average psychotherapy patient improves more than do about 80% of he untreated people

34- The most common, and highly successful, therapy for phobias relies on

O punishing a person for any attempt to avoid the object

O explaining to the person why the fear is irrational

O gradual exposure to the feared object

O understanding the unconscious motivations behind the fear

35- Advantage(s) of going to a trained therapist is (are)

O confidentiality

O methods of demonstrated effectiveness

O referrals to other professionals when needed O all of the above

36- The main goal of psychoanalysis is to

O change the behavior of people who do not really want to change

O make well-defined changes in behavior through positive reinforcement

O bring unconscious thoughts to consciousness O increase unconditional positive regard

37- Someone who alternates between episodes of depression and episodes of mania is said to have

O bipolar disorder

O schizophrenia

O unipolar disorder

O reactive depression

38- It is common for depressed people to experience abnormalities in their

O depth perception

O body temperature

O sleep

O heart rate

39- Experiments comparing various forms of psychotherapy have generally found that

O psychoanalysis is the most effective and applied behavior analysis the least

O nondirective (humanistic) therapy is the most effective and cognitive therapy the least

O people with schizophrenia respond best to psychoanalysis, whereas people with other disorders respond best to person-centered therapy

O all common forms of psychotherapy are about equally effective

40- Who pioneered person-centered therapy?

O Carl Rogers

O Albert Ellis

O Sigmund Freud

O Carl Jung

41- A depressed person begins taking antidepressant drugs. How soon can the person expect to experience noticeable relief from depression?

O within 10 to 12 weeks

O within 3 to 6 hours

O within 1 to 3 days

O within 2 to 3 weeks

42- Approximately what percentage of people will suffer from some sort of psychological disorder at some point in their life?

O 1%

O 5%

O 20%

O 50%

43- A therapist who uses a variety of methods, depending on the needs of different clients, is said to be

O eclectic

O paradoxical

O psychoanalytic

O rational-emotive

44- One reason why the checking rituals of obsessive-compulsive people may last so long and give so little relief is that people with OCD

O are generally far below normal in their intelligence

O receive praise and other reinforcement for engaging in these rituals

O are very easily distracted from what they intend to do

O do not trust their memory of whether they have completed the ritual

45- When a psychotherapist asks someone to free associate, what should the person do?

O Talk freely to a group of strangers

O Sit quietly and relax

O Try to remember everything that has happened that day

O Say everything that comes to mind

46- Tricyclic antidepressant drugs act by

O increasing the number of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine molecules in the synapses

O blocking synaptic receptors that are sensitive to the neurotransmitter GABA

O increasing the ability of glucose to enter of the brain

O increasing the flow of blood to the frontal and parietal lobes of the cerebral cortex

47- One advantage of group therapy is that it enables clients to

O receive the advantages of several types of psychotherapy at once

O deal with more severe disorders than an individual session can deal with

O speak more freely and more openly than they would in individual sessions

O pay less than they would for individual therapy

48- Agoraphobia, an excessive fear of open places or public places, is frequently associated with

O schizophrenia

O somatoform disorder

O dissociative identity disorder

O panic disorder

49- Someone who has generalized anxiety disorder would most likely

O say, “I never feel anxious.”

O have constant exaggerated worries

O experience panic attacks daily

O re-experience traumatic events

50- Another advantage of group therapy is that O the therapy has to finish by a deadline set in advance

O each group includes people with a wide variety of problems

O it is the best method for dealing with schizophrenia

O participants develop and practice social skills


Just click on GEt you will download the book and see just chapter 15 ( Abnormal psychology: disorders and Treatment ) to answer these questions

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