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History Primary Source Analysis Questions


Directions: PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR THE PHOTOS OF THE DOCUMENT (it’s a short document on the Salem Witch Trials)

For this assignment, you will be asked to answer the questions below. Make sure to number and label each section.

(Questions 5-8 will need to be substantive responses will require 1-2 paragraphs each)

which requires the direct reference to (the attached) primary source from The Norton Mix American History (and outside resources if needed)

Properly use in-text citations to reference evidence and create a Works Cited page, otherwise the assignment will earn a zero

1. Name/Title of Document:

2. Date of production:

3. Author (or Creator):

4. Type of Source:

5. Intended Audience: To whom did the author or creator address this source? What gives you that

impression? Note that the audience may be inferred or indirect. Provide examples, quote and cite source.

6. Summary of Document (Attached) (Identify the topic or issue of discussion. What does the author or creator tell us about the topic or issue? What are the main points or argument of the source? (Provide examples, quote and cite sources.)

7. Analysis: (Why was this document written/created? How does this source help us understand the topic or issue? Is the source reliable, what gives that impression?

8. Historical Context: (Big Picture: What is going on in the world, the country, the region, or the locality whenit was created?

What influenced its creation? Under what specific historical circumstances was this source created? What influenced its creation?

Be specific, provide key dates, people, and/or concepts. Cite readings, lecture, and/or outside sources.

9. Create a Works Cited page (uses proper citation format, sources need to be in alphabetical order, use a hanging indentation, placed on a separate page and titled Works Cited (centered))

10. Format your paper in MLA or Turabian Style (12 pt font, double spaced, Tines New Roman, Header on the top right (name, instructor, class, date), title of Assignment (centered), page number (upper left corner), one inch margin, questions labeled and numbered)

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