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homeland security discussion questions


Discussion Questions

What is an appropriate role for the U.S. (and allied governments) in addressing the trafficking of illicit narcotics OUTSIDE their own borders?
What do you think are the two largest obstacles or challenges preventing effective multi-agency and inter-governmental collaboration for intelligence support to homeland security operations? This question needs to be answered from two perspectives….a strategic one and a tactical one….Are there legal issues that need to be addressed that have not been? Also describe at least two solutions or effective frameworks that are being used (or that can be better employed) to overcome these obstacles and ensure effective inter and intra-agency collaboration for intelligence support to the HSE.
What are the strengths and limitations of a distributed homeland security intelligence production — a federal system with independent and largely “sovereign” state, local, tribal jurisdictions? Provide for at least one specific suggestion for improvement as it relates to one of the limitations you found within the homeland security intelligence production. Locate the nearest Fusion Center to you via the U.S. Homeland Security link https://www.dhs.gov/fusion-center-locations-and-contact-information. Once you find your local Fusion Center, discuss the specific role of mission of that Fusion Center.

4.What are the cultural, environmental, political or economic factors that contribute to or facilitate successful illicit narcotics trafficking networks in source and transit nations?

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