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In this assignment you will create a Title Page and Reference Page using a template provided in this section of the class.

As you know, the first step to creating any properly formatted paper is to create a title page.  A title page is the first page your readers will see.  The reference page is the last item your readers see.  This page provides the sources used to support your paper.  It is very important this page be formatted correctly for both your citation acknowledging another author’s work and for your reader to be able to locate the original source for further exploration on the topic.

In Week 4 you completed a Library Navigation assignment to help you locate, review, and create the citations for reference sources for your final paper.  This week you are to build upon those sources adding any new resources you plan to use in your final paper and develop your reference page.


Before starting this assignment, please review the “Basics of APA Style Tutorial” video, the “APA Format Citations-Sixth (6th) Edition” video, as well as the “How to Format a Reference Page” PowerPoint provided in the Week 5 Lesson section of the classroom.

If you have a question about the assignment, please ask your class Professor before uploading your submission.

For the Title Page

Click the link Final Paper Template, open the file, then save the paper template to your desktop or mobile device. Complete the title page and include the Running head, the title of your final paper, and your name, class name, university name, and instructor’s name.  A traditional APA 6th edition title page would not include your class, university, or instructor’s names however these are included for our purposes in College 100. 

For the Reference Page

With the Final Paper Template you are utilizing for the first part of this assignment, the Title Page, create a second page. On this second page, which will become the last page(s) of your final paper, create an APA 6th edition reference page following the format illustrated in the Week 5 Lesson. Place each of the references you plan to use for your final paper in the document. List at least four (4) references in the reference page utilizing the sources located using the Library Navigation assignment from Week 4 and any additional references you have found for your paper.

Align the reference citations using APA 6th edition format, checking for correct formatting based on the Lesson information provided to you, list in alphabetical order, apply the same text font and style (Times New 12 point), double space all text in your document, and use hanging indents for the individual citations.

Once you have created your APA 6th edition Title Page and the Reference Page following the template and utilizing what you learned in the Lessons for Week 5 on APA formatting, click File/Save As on your computer. Rename the document as the following: Lastname_finalpaper.doc. In place of “Lastname” insert your own last name and then re-save. You will use this document for this and two other assignments and as such please ensure you can easily locate the file on your computer or mobile device.

In the “Assignments” section of the classroom click on Assignment 8: Creating an APA Title Page and Reference Page. Upload your assignment. Please remember to click on Submit.

Grading Information

This assignment is worth 20 points.

Please review the Rubric for APA Title Page and Reference Page Assignment for additional information about the criteria used to evaluate your work.

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