homework assignment 119


To prepare:

Individually, each member of the group should research interpersonal factors (e.g., personality, resilience/grit, social support, and religion/spirituality) that affect his or her assigned condition.
Visit the PERMA webpage within the Authentic Happiness website, and learn about the theory. (Note: You are welcome to explore the whole website after you explore the theory. The site is rich in material that will be useful to you as a psychology professional of any field, and includes many tools to assess your own well-being.)
Find and read at least one article for each of the variables/factors. (Note: This week, the factors are personality, resilience/grit, social support and religion/spirituality.) A literature review article less than 5 years old would be a good choice. All other articles should be recent empirical studies (i.e., studies that produced data and have a results section with statistical analyses or qualitative analyses). As much as possible, choose empirical studies that were published no more than 3 years ago.

Each STUDENT should address the following for his or her specific assigned health condition: identifying your answers with the corresponding numbers below:

Explain the bivariate (one-on-one) and multivariate (combined) relationships between CANCER and personality, resilience/grit, and religion/spirituality. Is there extensive research on this?
What, if any, is the impact of your assigned health condition on social relationships?
What is the impact of social support on your assigned health condition?
How can you use the PERMA Theory of Well-Being to understand and integrate all you learned this week? How do each of the weekâ€s variables/factors fit within the theory?
Be sure to include references and examples from the articles you found.

Note: You are not limited to written text in your group space. You may also use graphical data, photos, audio/video that you create, or other types of information.

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