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Homework For Statistiecs For Psych Sci


Homework For Statistiecs For Psych Sci

Homework For Statistiecs For Psych Sci

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NAME: _____________________ LAB SECTION / TA: _____________________

Writing a Method Section

These writing handouts (sometimes linked with assignments) have been created to give you the framework for writing scientific, APA-style papers and reports. Throughout the semester we will focus on different parts of an APA style paper. The goal of these units is to prepare you to write a fully-integrated psychology paper that will be concise, coherent, and accurate.

An APA-style paper that conveys research results typically contains the following parts:




Participants (or Subjects)

Measures (and/or Materials and/or Apparatus)





Tables and Figures (if appropriate)

In this handout we will review the Method section.

How to Write a Method Section

1) The purpose of the method section in a paper is to explain to everyone exactly what you did in your study with such detail and precision that, if the reader wanted to, they could replicate your study.

There are three main components of the method section (note that the word “Method” is bolded and centered, while subheadings are bold and flush left in actual papers). Double-space is used for these papers.



Humans are usually referred to as participants, and animals as subjects. Here you describe your sample. How many people are there (this is your N!)? Are they male or female, or some of each? How old are they? Where did you get them from, and how did you recruit them? Are they of different races/ethnicities? Any other specific characteristics that the reader should know about? (1 paragraph)


Here you describe what types of things you needed to run your study. In this specific case, the focus will be on detailing the specific questionnaires or other assessment items that you used. This will include reliability and validity information, hopefully obtained from research articles describing the development of each measure. You will also want to include relevant information for third variables/covariates. (1 paragraph for each measure or material)


Here you need to describe in detail, in chronological order, what you did. This needs to be written in paragraphs, but it is often helpful to list out the steps to practice. (You can usually fit 1 or 2 steps per paragraph.)

Note that all of this should be written in PAST TENSE!


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