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  1. For this module, your assignment will be slightly different. Instead of completing a e-learning “quiz”, aka check for understanding, you will be responsible for writing a two page, double-spaced summary of the content covered in Module 3. Make sure to write exactly two pages of content (can include one extra line for your title, but does not include any headings you might have, such as name, date, class, etc.). This will primarily be a form of a “teachback,” in which you now summarize the content and “teach” it back to me. Here is your criteria, check off each of the requirements and you will get full credit. Items missing will only receive partial credit:
    • Define these three technologies: Web-based, Cloud, and Mobile Technology.
    • Compare and contrast web-based, cloud, and mobile technology. How do these overlap when it comes to the hospitality industry?
    • Summarize the content covered in Module 3.
    • Provide your opinion of each of the technologies. Do you think the technologies are useful in the hospitality industry? Why or why not?
    • Every single item of content in the module must be addressed in your two pages.
    • Document must be written in Microsoft Word, and uploaded as an attachment. All content must be written in your own words.. I will be checking for plagiarism and references!
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