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how do you build self confidence


I have often said throughout the semester that self-confidence is key for effective communication. In order to become better communicators, there is a certain level of confidence that is portrayed to connect with the audience.
In his brief TED Talk Dr. Ivan Joseph, Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University discusses his perception of how to build self-confidence. During his presentation, he discusses his self-affirmation – something that helps him build his own personal self-confidence and methods that he uses to build that confidence in his players and personal life.
Throughout this semester there have been several assignments and tasks meant to stretch you outside your comfort zone. Some of these challenges required you to take a step back, reassess and execute. In 1-2 pages, no more than 2, discuss your self-affirmation. How do you build self-confidence? What are some tips and strategies that you use to help you build self-confidence? What was the most challenging for you – in this class – that required you to remind yourself of this affirmation?

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