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  • How does the success of professional sport teams effect the community financially , culturally , socially

How does the success of professional sport teams effect the community financially , culturally , socially


All class participants are expected to prepare a written research term paper relevant to the sport industry or sport policy. Papers will be discussed during the first few weeks with the professor. There are “three tracks” available,

  • The Role of Sport in Community and National Development: Social, Cultural, and Economic Development (use this track) (track two)

The L/R assignment focuses on demonstrating your “Information Literacy” and complementing your research paper for this course. The L/R assignment has various sections, including a section that defines your research question as well as a section where you review relevant literature that informs the research question.

For this assignment, you are required to:

  • Clearly and succinctly state your research question; and
  • Prepare an annotated bibliography of three references that inform the research question.
  • Research Question
  • Annotated Bibliography

This section should define the research problem as well as the specific research question you are posing in your research paper for this course. This section should be no more than one paragraph and be written in a clear and succinct style.

An annotated bibliography is a list of references you review from books, journals, or other relevant sources. After providing the APA formatted reference, you shall provide a paragraph of no more than 150 words that provides both a descriptive and evaluative narrative of each source document you have reviewed (two of these source documents should be from academic peer-reviewed journals). Overall, this narrative should address the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source document you reviewed. The narrative should address, as appropriate:

  • The applicable background of the author (e.g., basis of authority, bias, point of view, prior research, etc.);
  • The clarity of the document;
  • The intended audience;
  • An analysis of the source document to other source documents or other relevant research;
  • How the source document informs your research question;
  • The type of research design utilized in the study under review in the source document (one of your source documents should be a qualitative design and one source should be a quantitative design);
  • The study results

It should be noted that an annotated bibliography is distinctly different than an abstract. An abstract is purely a descriptive summary of a body of work. An annotated bibliography is descriptive and critical, exposing an author’s point of view, clarity, concerns for research design, and the validity of findings, conclusions, or recommendations.

Consistent with strict adherence to APA format, this assignment shall be typed, double-spaced, and font size 12 (Times New Roman). All margins on the pages of this assignment shall be “1” and the pages shall be “left justified.” The assignment will be completed in Microsoft Office 2003 format or higher, and be submitted as a .doc or .docx file only!!

The purpose of the term paper is to exemplify meeting the course objectives as listed in the exit competencies in this syllabus. The emphasis should be on concepts as they apply to descriptive information and not the information itself. Students are expected to demonstrate the use of concepts presented in this course.

Papers are expected to be minimum 10 pages in length (typewritten and double-spaced): Introduction 1page, Literature review 3 pages, Method 1 page, Result 1 page, Discussion/Conclusion 2 pages. APA style should be used [*A title page (1 page) and a reference page (1 page) are required too]. This style sets a 1” margin on all sides. Pages should be left justified. Times New Roman with Font Side 12 should be used. Each section of the paper needs to be headed with its title.

There should be at least six references [four of them must be from academic peer-reviewed journal articles].

Supplemental materials to be attached to the end of the paper may include a specific policy, plan, statistics, analysis, or procedure. Permission to use the material must be obtained, and the issue of confidentiality must be observed. Inability or failure to attach these materials will not adversely impact on grading.

There will be a PowerPoint presentation on your paper on March 29 (Completed PPT due by March 29 @ 2 p.m.: Email submission only). The presentation should provide a summary of the term paper. The presentation will provide an opportunity for other class participants to suggest other aspects to consider. Your presentation must match to the following guidelines:

  • No slide can have more than 5 lines of text.
  • All slides must use a minimum of 36 font size

*Presentation time: 10 minutes presentation (Min. 11 slides)

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