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here is the proffessor comment :

 you have only listed three theories in your table. We have studied numerous HRD theories, models, and concepts that you should …





here is the guide for this assignment 

the refrence for the theories is foundation of human resource development 





After spending the past few weeks studying the different perspectives and paradigms of HRD, develop a table that organizes the key concepts for your future use/reference. The key is, not everything in the textbook resonates the same with everyone. Instead of recording everything, go back and capture the concepts that you found to make the most sense to you and will likely be your “go-to” HRD concepts in the future. Organize them into a table so you can quickly reference them in the future. How you organize the table is up to you, but if I were to do this assignment, I may use the following columns:

  •   Theory/construct

  •   Author/date

  •   Overview/description

  •   Application (what this really looks like or means in real life situation)

  •   Page number in our Foundations book so you can go back to the entire work

There is 2 page minimum on this assignment.

This assignment is due Sunday of Week 3.

Post your completed assignment to the HRD Concepts Assignment Drop Box under Activities and Assignments in Module 3. 




the due date is within two days 


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