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http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~nchristo/statistics13/article.pdf Statistics in a Murd



http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~nchristo/statistics13/article.pdfStatistics in a Murder CasWrite short responses on a SEPARATE DOCUMENT to the following 6 questions, and UPLOAD THE DOCUMENT BELOW.Article: Statistics in the Courtroomhttp://www.stat.ucla.edu/~nchristo/statistics13/article.pdf(Links to an external site.)Explain why, on page 6, Figure 1 (bar graphs pink/green/orange) suggests Ms. Gilbert is guilty of murder?For table 1 on page 9, perform a Test for Independence at the .01 significance level. Do not include the “totals”. Matrix should be a 2×2 with these numbers (top row: 40 217 bottom row: 34 1350) and then perform a X2 – Test on calculator.H0: Gilbert being present on a shift is INDEPENDENT (not related to) more people dying that shiftH1: Gilbert being present on a shift is DEPENDENT (related to) more people dying on that shiftX2: Give the number your Calculator got for X2P-value: Make sure you get 1.410899 E-20, and remember the E-20 means move the decimal 20 places to the left, so this is really decimal, 19 zeros, then 1410899 or .00000000000000000001410899 so this is an INSANELY SMALL P VALUE!Conclusion of the Test: (Sufficient evidence or insufficient evidence? Evidence that Gilbert’s presence on a shift is connected to a change in the death rate, or a lack of this evidence?)What is the relevance of the coin-tossing story to the trial? Explain how this relates to Gilbert.Explain what some statisticians consider to be the single most important contribution that statistics has made in the last 100 years?What does a low p-value tell you? What does a low p-value not tell you?In which kind of study, Experimental or Observational, can a low p-value give you strong evidence for Causation, and in which kind does it only give you strong evidence of Association? Explain why.

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