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Hudson County Community College Rituals and Customs Essay


In a 550-word essay using MLA format, describe a ritual or custom in your culture. What purpose does it serve and what values might it reflect? How might you compare this ritual or custom to ones practiced in other cultures? Students must refer to at least one of the assigned unit readings (from Hirschberg or the designated supplement) and one outside academic source you’ve found by independent research (best done though the HCCC Library databases).

All essays should integrate the account of your own ideas and experiences with detailed discussion of the assigned readings for the current unit, demonstrating your close reading and thoughtful engagement with these texts. Also, as college essays, they should include an MLA-formatted Works Cited list. The list should include a citation for each reading that you refer to in your essay. If the reading is in Hirschberg, here is a sample to use as a model:

Works Cited

Kaur, Meeta. “Journey by Inner Light.” One World Many Cultures (10th ed.), edited by Stuart and Terry

Hirschberg, Pearson, 2018, pp. 43-51.

Note that according to MLA style, you don’t cite the Hirschberg text itself as an item, but separate individual readings in the book (as above).

If the reading is supplementary or from your own independent research, you should consult an MLA Guide to provide the correct formatting on the Works Cited list.

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