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Human Resources Business Report- Compensation Strategies


Compensation Strategies Business Research Report (Body 3-5 pages) and Short PPT presentation on findings (8-10 slides)

Topic: Compensation Strategies- Scenario: Company with 100+ employees at varied salary levels.  Evaluate compensation strategies to potentially implement in the company.  Research & analyze 3 compensation strategies & determine 3 recommendations for how these strategies may be implemented.  (full description provided to winning tutor).

Business Research Report Template provided (mandatory use)- # pages suggested: Table of contents-1 page, Introduction-1 page, Body of Report- 3-5 pages that summarizes the 3 research findings gathered during your investigation, analyzes how the 3 research findings gathered during your investigation will affect the company, and justify recommendations; Reference page- 1 page for all references cited in the report, including at least 8 references that correspond to your in-text citations.

PPT presentation- (template provided or can develop your own) # of slides: 8-10 that includes the 3 main research findings, your recommendations, and the justification for your recommendations.

ORIGINAL WORK ONLY!  Has to be original!

Full instructions will be provided to winning bidder.  Available to inquiries for those who wish to see exactly what this entails prior to bidding.  **Will provide some ideas for the 3 strategies or use your own!** Have some examples of ppt presentations for reference.

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