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I have Business resarch methods course assingment


I have quiz of business research methods course. is anyone professional with that? the materials contain statistic


Question 1

  1. The principle that someone who could solve the problem (17/3.22) + 552 = could also solve the problem 4+9-3 = illustrates the underpinnings of:
    A Guttman scale
    A rank order measure
    A Thurstone scale
    A Likert scale
    A semantic differential scale

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Question 2

  1. When the relationship between a test and performance is low in a concurrent study, one likely reason may be:
    Restriction of range
    The sample is not random
    The test items are double-barreled
    Insufficiency of redundant items
    Reverse scored items

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Question 3

  1. Asking visitors on a website to respond to the Question of the Day would be an example of what type of sample:
    Simple random sample
    Stratified random sample
    Chunk sample
    Volunteer sample
    None of the above

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Question 4

The questionnaire item “I prefer the store brand of potato chips because they are the least expensive” would be an example of:
A sensitive item
A double-barreled item
A reverse-scored item
A Guttman item
A socially desirable item

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