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  • i need a program with the following instructions given. Anyone wanna help me out?

i need a program with the following instructions given. Anyone wanna help me out?


Your program will create and manage a Party Finder for a fictitious game. Specifically, it will manage assignment of Players to groups. It will require the following classes which should be declared in party.h:

Character: The Character class is a simple class for storing a name, a role (Tank, DPS, or Heals), and a level (a number between 1–80). It should have a means of retrieving these values after creation, but none should be mutable.

PartyFinder: A PartyFinder groups players into Party(ies) (see below). The PartyFinder starts empty, but must be able to have Characters added to it via some member function. If adding that character would complete Party, the new Party is returned (and the other Characters removed from the PartyFinder in the order they were added); otherwise, an empty Party is returned. Finally, one should be able to print who is in the PartyFinder. This class must use one or more linked list to store the Characters; but how they are partitioned is up to you.

Party: A Party is a group of four characters (one Tank, two DPS, and one Heals) or an empty Party (this is decided at creation, and any Party member Characters are set at creation). If the Party is not empty, the members should be able to be printed; otherwise, some indication that the Party is empty must be given. It is up to you how the Characters are stored.

In all cases, check the driver file provided to see how the classes are being used and the names of the members it expects.

You may need or use other classes. You must implement your own linked list class, not use C++’s standard std::list or some other version. If you wrote a linked list in CSE 1384, you may use it with attribution.

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