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For all topics, show how you arrived at your ideas and conclusions by citing details for support. To aid your thinking, consult the daily question handouts, articles on Blackboard or reserve, and even outside sources. See also the bibliography in the packet on pp. 11-18. When interpreting literature, make sure that the details support a specific, complex view of the meanings of the whole. So, for example, avoid a line-by-line analysis of poems; instead, examine individual lines, details, and scenes and show how they fit into the whole.[Length: 6-10 pages.] Each paper needs a good title but no title page; put page numbers in the upper right. Remember to cite page numbers and append a “Works Cited List.” All topics must discuss two readings since midterm. (You may refer to earlier readings as well.) I need least one or two pages done by tommorow night and rest can be when I say on here when I need it done.

Write a reflective essay on one or more of your own experiences with / in nature. Somewhere

in the essay you must discuss two readings we’ve studied since midterm and relate

(compare/contrast, analyze) your view(s) of those readings to your own experiences and

thoughts. You also should reflect on how your view of nature was shaped by your

experiences and by the readings you’ve chosen. One of your readings may be the one you

chose for your presentation. Describe your experience in as much detail as possible and

discuss some implications of the views of nature embodied in the readings. For example, for

many, evolution implies a biological process without a creator—or an ecological view that

implies that “Everything is connected to everything else” (quoted in Ruekert 108). Or some,

like Tennyson, conclude that the spirit is separate from an uncaring nature. (See other

examples of possible implications below.) What do you think of these implications, for

yourself and for nature? Meditate, analyze, describe, support.

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