i need the answer two homework


A writing portfolio is a collection of your writing progress throughout the semester. Your portfolio will require a 1” binder with dividers for each topic. All assignments to be included in the portfolio should be neatly formatted and written (rewritten if required). All versions or drafts must be included. See rubric for grading guidelines.

Portfolios should include the following writing assignments:

  • Three (3) one-page journal entries (topics to be assigned)
  • Three (3) one-page letters in business letter format addressed to your instructor on the following topics:
    • My wrting goals for this semester—this is your cover letter for the portfolio
    • My ideal internship
    • My writing progress this semester
  • Paper 1 draft and final
  • Paper 2 draft and final
  • Optional:

    Homework essays or other writing assignments from Grammar and Speaking and Writing classes

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