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I need two articles on the mentioned topics


1- you read the stories of several early childhood educators and what led them to a career in this field.

  • What experiences in your life led you down the path of wanting to become an early childhood educator?
  • How do you think the path that brought you to early childhood education might influence your perspective as a teacher?

This assignment supports student learning outcome 1 and student learning objective 1.



Another way we can get to know you is for you to share a little about your temperament.

Knowing your temperament is essential as you have read in the text and my lecture notes. To get started with this discussion, you first need to figure out your temperament type. Turn to the page in your text and review each of the nine dimensions of temperament. Place a mark on the continuum for each dimension. When describing aspects of your temperament you will want to focus only on those dimensions where your mark is close to one end of the spectrum or the other. In other words, you do not have to comment on each of the nine traits, just those that are the strong indicators of your personality/temperament.

Next, you will want to tell us how you think your temperament type might influence your work with children…what are the strengths of your temperament in relation to working with young children and what are the “red flags” that you will want to be aware of.

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