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  • i would like the essay about self drivig cars and how dangerouse to our sociaty .

i would like the essay about self drivig cars and how dangerouse to our sociaty .


PROMPT: added >>> You are writing a research paper on a controversial topic. It must be something that requires you form an opinion, then back up you opinion with reliable sources. These sources will give you information that back up your opinion. One or two of them may be used to introduce opposing points of view on your topic so you can illustrate what is controversial about it. Be sure to counter these opposing points of view by explaining why they are weak or wrong. Choose your issue from one of the readings in our textbook or a class handout. This should be an exigency you wish to learn more about. It is important that you choose something that interests you. You will spend the rest of the semester researching it and then write a well-sourced argumentative research paper that (1) explores what others are saying about the issue and (2) works to support your clearly stated assertion about the issue.

Choose an issue that really interests you. Decide what your opinion on this issue is. Be sure your opinion is one that not all your readers will agree with. If yours is an opinion that everyone already agrees with, it is not yet suitable for an argument research paper. Keep thinking of ways to view the issue until you come up with an opinion that is debatable, controversial, and above all, discussable.


  • 6-8 pages, typed in MLA format
  • A correctly formatted Works Cited page listing documentation information for all your sources.
  • Use 6 sources, some that agree or in some way back up your opinion, and some that disagree or represent an alternative point of view on the issue.
  • Added >>> Create an annotated bibliography entry for each source.
  • Turn in all 6 Annotated Bibliography Entries on time (see the handout for directions and due dates for these).
  • You must cite all sources in your essay (parenthetical citations).
  • You must include a Works Cited page. This page does not count toward the minimum length requirement.


  • Part of your grade on the research paper is to attend your writing conference with me. You will sign up for a time slot. See the course schedule for conference dates.
  • Your paper MUST be submitted to Vericite for a plagiarism check.
    • Please NOTE: I will not accept or grade any papers that have not been submitted to Vericite for a plagiarism check.

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