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I&C Sci 5: Assignment: Social Media


For this assignment, you will explore how topics of this course relate to social media. You will take either the meme you made for this course or the video you made for this course, or create a new piece of content that relates to this course (image, short story, song, etc.), and seek to distribute it as broadly as possible via social media.

You will then write a 200-300 word paper describing the various techniques you used (where did you post it? How did you spread the word?), the uptake it achieved (how many people viewed/experienced the content? Was it just people you told about it directly, or did it spread virally?), and how you might do it differently in the future if your goal was broad distribution. Please include a screenshot of your most effective social media effort.

If you do not participate in social media, or if you participate in social media but do not wish to post content relating to the topics of this course, you may instead write 300-400 words describing your rationale for that decision. (Assignments in either of these cases will be graded using a separate rubric, with an emphasis on the clarity and persuasiveness of the rationale.)

Please turn in a PDF by the deadline specified below.

The alternate rubric for those who not participate in social media or have chosen to use it for this assignment is as follows:

Please see first two pictures below.

I choose to not participate in social media. Please just write 300-400 to explain. Thank you.

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