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ICC Early Childhood Development Question


For this second milestone, students should write about their Early Childhood.  Be sure to include:

Information on where you attended elementary school

How you adjusted to school

Discuss early friendships

How your relationship with your parents was during this time frame

Did you experience any cognitive, developmental, or behavior disorders or issues during this time?

During this time what type of unintentional injuries did you experience (bike wrecks, falling out of a tree and breaking an arm or leg, etc.)?

Furthermore, when writing this section, think about what you have learned about human development through this course including the theories that pertain to this time of development.  Below students will find a list of questions to consider while writing each developmental period and a chart showing some of the theorists and the area of development in which they focused.  Keep in mind that more than one theorist or theory may be applicable to a particular time period, and the instructor requires students to apply at least three theories to each stage of life.  

Questions to Ponder:

How has heredity and genetics played a role in your life?

How have the decisions of your parents affected your life?

How have your experiences shaped your development/life?

How has your personality played a part in your life experiences?

How do you think it will play out in the future

I have attached the chapter as well as the answers to the questions above.

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