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Identify the Inputs (available resources)Available resources provided to the DEA are the cooperation’s with state



Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Worksheet for Building Logic Models (Drug Enforcement Administration DEA)Step 1: Identify ONE Problem (the Stakeholder Community Need)The mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations; including the growing, manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances. To include those drugs destine for illicit traffic in the Unites States (DEA, 2022). – Overdose deaths continue to rise with the sudden increase in Fentanyl within the United States. In 2020 there was a catastrophic increase in deaths by 30%, and in 2021, a record-breaking increase by another 15% (Drug Overdose, 2022). The DEA has the tasking to decrease the amount of fentanyl entering in the US, while combatting those drugs that have already entered in the US. Fentanyl can be seen as the next opioid crisis if not contained quickly. Step 2: Determine the OutcomesShort Term: Working in conjunction with local law enforcement in the seizure and forfeiture of drugs being disturbed throughout the US. The coordination on mutual drug enforcement efforts as they pertain to the manufacturing, distribution and dispensing of fentanyl, while enforcing the prosecuting those found guilt. Long Term: The flow of fentanyl in the United States is becoming increasingly more diverse, with fentanyl coming not only from Mexico, but China and India becoming primary suppliers. The long-term goal of the DEA would be to focus attention on the way substances are being brought into the US, that is from China through international mail and express consignment. Preventing the mass flow of fentanyl is the long-term goal in stopping it from entering the US (DEA Report, 2020).Step 3: Identify the Inputs (available resources)Available resources provided to the DEA are the cooperation’s with state, local and other federal law enforcement agencies to provide support. Working in conjunction with Border Patrol Agents at the borders and Airports in stopping and preventing the flow of fentanyl and products used in making fentanyl. Step 4: Determine the Activities (the things that need to be done to accomplish the outcomes)Increase the efforts to reduce the demand for fentanyl with training on the prevention treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse and violence; by providing more rehabilitation opportunities, the demand for the drug can be reduced. In combination with aggressively expanding the collaborative efforts to counter money laundering and corruption with governments known to be importing the drug. Taking away the funds used to support drug making and trafficking, along with targeting sanctions on traffickers could reduce the amount of fentanyl from entering the US.Step 5: Determine the Output measurements (these are the measures of the activities)Considering that 2mg of fentanyl can kill and average human, and the DEA has found that 42% of pills tested resulted in more than 2mg. The activities to prevent the influx of fentanyl can save countless lives. Drug traffickers typically distribute fentanyl by the kilogram; a kilogram has the potential to kill 500,000 people (DEA Facts, 2022). Being the primary driver of overdose deaths in the US, the safety of American lives and children are the primary output measurement. Step 6: Goal Statement (this is basically a re-wording of Step 1)Providing the citizens of America the safety and protections of fentanyl and the possibility of overdosing on the drug. Overdoses continue to increase year after year, making the biggest issue facing the DEA is the sudden increase in the drug and how potent it can be in such small amounts. respond to this persons discussion No less than 100 words

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