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Im just going to copy paste my teachers instructions so its easier. For your fin



Im just going to copy paste my teachers instructions so its easier.For your final paper you will be required to write an essay at least 4 pages long using the short story you’ve read from week 8 module to craft a persuasive argument. You will analyze the story, and argue what you believe the story’s central theme is. What lesson or message does the story teach readers? How do the elements of plot, character, setting, dialogue, point of view help support the theme?Your essay needs to be clear and unified under your thesis. Make sure to include specific evidence from the story or stories, to show how and why your evidence supports your thesis. Since this is a shorter paper, focus on the most convincing evidence. Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the text, and your ability to identify the theme using support chosen from either characterization, setting, dialogue, or plot.Use your own original ideas about the stories in conjunction with evidence from the text to support your thesis. Make sure to follow proper MLA citation rules for all quotes and paraphrases you use.Grading CriteriaSuccessful papers will have: (Please make sure you follow the steps for a succesful paper I pasted here)1.A developed introductory paragraph, with a clear thesis. Explain what the book’s theme is. What can we learn from the book? What elements of fiction will you use for support? (10 points)2.Well-supported, unified body paragraphs with specific examples that reinforce your thesis. What are we meant to learn from the story? (125 points)3.Your essay includes at least 3 quotes or paraphrases. Demonstrates an understanding of key evidence you’ve selected. Use proper MLA citation. (5 points)4.A conclusion that summarizes your main point, and offers a final thought about the value of your argument. (5 points)5.Your paper will also be thoroughly edited for sentence-level errors. (5 points)Total 150 points.This is the story you have to focus on for the essay: (If you have problems with the link, please let me know)https://americanliterature.com/author/elizabeth-gaskell/short-story/the-old-nurses-story

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