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Immunizations and Infectious Diseases


The draft is due on April 9th, but the final is not due until April 19th (I need a draft on April 9th!)

the topic is Immunizations and Infectious Diseases

For your health topic, find out the most recent U.S. statistics about your specific health topic:

 Incidence rate

 Prevalence rate

 Death rate

 Data and rates on:
o Race and/or ethnicity
o Gender (if applicable)

 Healthy People 2020 goals regarding your health topic

 Other relevant statistics for your topic – some topics may not have indicated rates above, feel free to customize to
match the concerns of your specific topic. Students must have at least 4 reputable statistics around their topic and the
topic goals as indicated by Health People 2020.
Provide a citation in APA format for each statistic or you will not receive credit.

(look at image file for the whole description)

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