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Impact of Big Data in business applications


In the book “Guide to Big Data Applications” that we are using, there is a discussion of the impact of Big Data in business applications (see Ch. 17 attachment). This topic is quite relevant for US as well but the article is written from a foreign country perspective. There is plenty more information on this topic in the general literature as well. Read and understand such material and write a report on the impact of Big Data in business applications. You should provide statistical data on this topic as well as organizations that are using Big Data for the benefit of their customers.

Report should be free from spelling and grammar errors. For writing this report you should check both print and online resources. List all the references in full at the end of the Report. It need not take up a page by itself. Use the APA format for references. Looking for analysis of the ideas that you present and so any item quoted should be brief.

Guidelines on Report & References:

  • Report should be 9 pages of analysis and conclusions
  • Clearly identify the title, contain an abstract
  • Reports should use single line spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1” margins, with no cover page
  • 5-7 references should be from reputable sources
  • The idea of references is that the reader should be able to locate the reference item using the information provided in the paper. So, the reference citation should be complete.
  • Use reliable sources such as major companies (IBM, AT&T, Google, etc.)
  • Do not use any textbook as a reference source
  • Do not use any newspaper sources (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, etc.)
  • Do not use sources such as Wikipedia, Whatis.com, Howstuffworks.com, etc.

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