Implementing Enterprise Information Management System

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The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn more about the concepts related to the role of System Analyst.

Brief Introduction

A large direct health and insurance medical provider needed an enterprise information management system to enable enterprise-wide information management and to support the effective use of data for critical cross-functional decision making. In addition, the company needed to resolve issues related to data redundancy, inconsistency, and unnecessary expenditure. The company faced several information challenges: The company data resided in multiple locations, the data were developed for department-specific use, and there was limited enterprise access. In addition, data definitions were created by individual departments and were not standardized, and data were being managed by multiple departments within the company.

Action Items

  • Given the situation, What solution would you propose for this company?
  • Discuss the role that data modeling would play in a project to solve this problem.
  • Support or Oppose the above statements with arguments

You may refer to Chapter 6 to discuss the topic

Ch 6 In the attachments

You can also use Chapter 6 of the PDF book in the attachments, but you have to write the answer in your own words

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Implementing Enterprise Information Management System

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