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Implementing Free College Education in the United States


I recently wrote a draft of my paper and my professor gave me feedback of how should I fix my paper. So, I will include my paper with the feedback comments and you need to fix my paper according to all the feedback comments.

This paper asks you to finalize your Multimodal Argument by combining two or more channels or systems of communication that include (1) writing text as argument (2) incorporating static images, and (3) connecting a dynamic visual or auditory component via a hyperlink into a single multimodal project.

Together, in one unified multimodal argument, all three communication modes should (1) educate an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the topic you have been exploring, (2) engage this audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue, and (3) empower the audience to agree with your call to action.

You should change the paraphrases of my paper to direct quotes from the same sources and explain the quotes.

REMEMBER that you do not need to write a new paper, you just need to fix my paper on the same word document that I gave you.

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