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In 1983,the Institute of Medicine released the report Nursing and Nursing Educat



In 1983,the Institute of Medicine released thereport Nursing and Nursing Education calling for more advanced training ofnurses, especially in the area of research. From this report, the NationalCenter for Nursing Research (NCNR) was created in 1986 and was later renamedthe National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) in 1993. The purpose of theNINR is to “lead nursing research and training to solve pressing healthchallenges and inform practice and policy” (NINR, n.d., para. 1).With the latest updates to their strategic plan under development, the NINR hasbeen consulting with research, policy, and community partners to identify andaddress needed changes with regards to health equity, social determinants ofhealth, population health and prevention. The purpose of this assignment is toexplore the current “Spotlights on Nursing Research” initiatives.Instructions:Read about one (1) of the four (4) initiatives from theSpotlights on Nursing Research section of the NINR website.Go to the NINR website. https://www.ninr.nih.gov/researchandfunding/spotlights-on-nursing-researchAccess the current Spotlights on Nursing Research.Hover over Research & Funding and chooseSpotlights on Nursing Research from the menu that appears.Select one (1) of the topics on the Spotlights onNursing Research that interests you.Write a paper responding to the questions below.Why is this topic a spotlight initiative?What are the latest findings of evidence for thistopic?Choose one of the latest findings and explore how theevidence on this topic has been translated into practice (or isrecommended to be).What opportunities are there for more training on yourchosen topic for nurses who are interested in this topic?What is the relevance of the findings on your chosentopic to direct nursing practice?How would the findings on your chosen topic helpinform EBP/QI efforts?Ensure that your paperIs three-four (3-4) pages in length,Uses proper APA citations and references, andDemonstrates professional writing

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