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In need of a 700 word essay on The Metamorphosis by Kafka


I am in need of a 700 word essay on The Metamorphosis that must be done in MLA format. The essay will have to be completed in 6 hours.

Here are the requirements.

Write a short essay of around 700 words in response to the following. Be sure that you have a solid, defendable thesis statement toward the end of the introduction, which can be brief; focus in on your point quickly. Underline the thesis statement. The thesis statement expresses in one succinct sentence your main argument/claim in response to the assigned essay topic. Have a strong, analytic topic sentence that furthers your argument for each paragraph and avoid any sentence-level errors, particularly serious errors such as fused sentences or comma splices. Do NOT summarize; bring up the relevant points from the literature that support your thesis. Pay attention to the author’s language and use quotes to substantiate your claims. Be as specific as you can be. Follow MLA style. Make sure to cite the text properly using the MLA Work Cited and in-text citations.

Essay Topic Questions: (write an essay that addresses these issue)—

Evaluate the integrity of Gregor’s family in their response to Gregor’s transformation. You might consider the family’s relationship before Gregor’s metamorphosis. What are the consequences of Gregor’s metamorphosis for the family and of their treatment of him? What does this story reveal about “what it means to be a monster?”

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