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Inequality Paper 12 size font, Double spaced


5 page essay. Font size 12. Double spaced. The essay is about income inequality between middle class and the top 1%. Needs evidence quoted and sources from the evidence found 

Income Inequality between middle class and the top 1%

P1: Thesis statement

  • What is the top 1% and who does it consist of

  • Why is it so difficult to jump the wealth gap?

  • What can be done to fix this income inequality?

P2: What,who, why, how top 1%

  • What do these people to to get in the top 1%

  • Who makes up the top 1%

    • names/company CEO etc

  • How do they stay in the top 1%

  • Why has the gap grown between the top1% and the rest of the income earners

  • What do they think about being in the top 1%

  • What do they contribute to society?

P3: Historical factors

P4: The wealth gap

  • Historical gaps in wealth and their outcomes

    • 1928, 1981, 1989, 2008

  • Percentage of income earned by top 1% in the 70’s vs today

  • What does that mean for the economy

  • healthcare

    • how is health care different

  • education

    • how are educational opportunities different

    • expectations

    • job opportunities out of college

    • student loan burden

  • homeownership

    • are there less people able to buy homes

    • how has homeownership changed in the last 30 years

  • debt

    • how many people are in debt since 2008

    • how many people are struggling to pay back debts

    • penalties for big banks and institutions that cause the collapse

      • fairness to the middle class

      • effect on middle class

P5: Closing the gap

  • what can be done to close this gap

  • what is the top 1 % willing to give up

  • why will it be difficult to change current policies?

    • top 1 % in congress and their campaign donors.

    • issues with making corporations people.

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