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Infographic about a research scientist


An infographic is an informational method for presenting information using graphic visual representations for quickly and concisely present information. They can be found all over the internet. For example, here is a like to a infographic about Albert Einstein: https://insightaas.com/infographic-albert-einstein-father-of-solar-cells/

Research shows that, when students and young professionals can identify role models that share similarities with them, it improves persistence in the STEM fields.

This scientist should be a researcher and be active in STEM. Their research can be in your discipline, but must have a connection with chemistry (even if it is a stretch).

For this project you will select the scientist who shares something in common with you, such as gender/gender identity, hometown/home country, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, physical or mental disability or diagnosis, age, etc. You can select a living scientist or someone from history.

For this reserarcher, you will create an infographic. Your infographic should include:

  • Name of the scientist
  • Brief biographical information (such as education, employer, age, etc).
  • Why did you choose this scientist and what do you share in common
  • Briefly describe their research focus
    • What are they researching?
    • What is the goal of the research?
  • Identify at least one research/laboratory technique or piece of equipment that they use in their research.
    • If you were going to work in their lab, what would you have to learn to do?
  • Provide the citations for THREE research articles or professional presentations from this scientist
    • Use an accepted format for the citation (APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, ACS, etc)
    • Only identify the citation. You do not need to provide a review or description of these articles.
  • Imagine you were applying to their lab. What is one skill we learned that could be use in their research lab.

There are also several websites that are specifically designed to create infographics. Here are some free ones:

And apps like: Graphio, Infographics, and Notability

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