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information security policy maintenance for a law firm


4 pages doubled spaced 12 point font Arial

I need 4 pages about how a fictional law firm would implement policy maintenance on their information security plan

Security policy development life cycle (SecSDLC)

Policy Maintenance – Suggest a plan for maintaining and update the policy to sustain its effectiveness in countering the security problem.

Maintenance Phase= During the maintenance phase, the policy development team monitors, maintains, and modifies th e policy as needed to ensure that it remains effective as a tool to meet changing threats. The policy should have a built-in mechanism through which users can report problems, preferably anonymously through a Web form monitored either by the organization’s legal team or a committee assigned to collect and review such content. It is in this phase that the last component of effective policy development- uniform enforcement- comes into play. The organization should make sure that everyone is required to follow the policy equally, and that policies are not implemented differently in different areas or hierarchies of the organization

Requirements: 4 pages

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