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  • Inservice for Novice Nurses on Negligence Presentation

Inservice for Novice Nurses on Negligence Presentation


Inservice for Novice Nurses on Negligence Presentation

Inservice for Novice Nurses on Negligence Presentation


  • read chapter 5 Legal Foundation
  • view the video on Negligence
  • review recall and reflect on a personal incidence of negligence and discuss****
  • select a category of negligence (p.81)*****
  • develop a 3 minute inservice for novice nurses (use PPT format)


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Assessment Rubric for PowerPoint Presentations

OrganizationInformation presented in logical, interesting sequenceInformation in logical sequenceDifficult to follow presentation–student jumps aroundCannot understand presentation–no sequence of information
Subject KnowledgeDemonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions with explanations and elaborationsAt ease with expected answers to questions but does not elaborateUncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questionsDoes not have a grasp of the information. Cannot answer questions about subject
GraphicsExplain and reinforce screen text and presentationRelate to text and presentationOccasionally uses graphics that rarely support text and presentationUses superfluous graphics or no graphics
ResearchUses a variety of sources in reaching accurate conclusionsUses a variety of sources in reaching conclusionsPresents only evidence that supports a preconceived point of viewDoes not justify conclusions with research evidence
Screen DesignIncludes a variety of graphics, text, and animation that exhibits a sense of wholeness.  Creative use of navigational tools and buttonsIncludes a variety of graphics, text, and animation. Adequate navigational tools and buttonsIncludes combinations of graphics and text, but buttons are difficult to navigate.  Some buttons and navigational tools workEither confusing or cluttered, barren or stark.  Buttons or navigational tools are absent or confusing
Oral PresentationElocution/Eye ContactMaintains eye contact and pronounces all terms precisely. All audience members can hearMaintains eye contact most of the time and pronounces most words correctly.  Most audience members can hear presentationOccasionally uses eye contact, mostly reading presentation, and incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearingReads with no eye contact and incorrectly pronounces terms. Speaks too quietly

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