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International Marketing Management Assignemnt 4000-5000 words


I need someone to help me with writing 4000-5000 assignment in “International Marketing Management” by following all the below instructions, all requirement should be included in addition to the reference system.

Assigment Guiedlines & Requirement

(Please read the instructions carefully)

  • The assignment should not contain any contents including references cited from websites like www.ukessays.com, www.studymode.com, www.slideshare.net, www.scribd.com.
  • Students can refer Wikipedia as a source of information, but the references cited in Wikipedia must be mentioned.

Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the changing business environment (s) globally and how they pose challenges to marketing management functions in organisations.

  • PC 1.1: Critically discuss the local, national, and regional marketing approaches used by the organisation
  • PC 1.2: Research possible international market entry methods and evaluate the benefits of each in relation to the organisation
  • PC 1.3 Critically evaluate the influence the changing business environment on the marketing management functions of the organisation

Learning Outcome 2: Develop marketing strategies with application of appropriate marketing models, tools, and techniques.

  • PC 2.1: Critically discuss how the selection for international market will be made using marketing theories and principles.
  • PC 2.2: Apply tools and techniques to inform entry methods into international market.
  • PC 2.3: Develop on entry criteria for the international market for the organisation.

Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate the processes involved in brand management and how they influence consumer behaviour.

  • PC 3.1: Critically discuss the principle theories of brand management in relation to the consumer decision process and apply to the organization you are working with.
  • PC 3.2: Analyse the psychological and sociological factors influencing consumer behaviour and decision making.
  • PC 3.3: Formulate a strategy, based on your research, for the organisation’s product brand management in the international marketplace.

Learning Outcome 4: Decide how to launch new products/services in a dynamic global marketplace.

  • PC 4.1: Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s new product development process.
  • PC 4.2: Make recommendations for a marketing strategy that will expand the business in the international market.
  • PC 4.3: Create an international marketing plan for the launch of a new product/service.

Assignment Brief: You can choose any organisation that you have sufficient first-hand knowledge of, preferably where you are working currently or have worked in the past, or an example organization that you have chosen for the purposes of this assignment. This may be a family business, a multi-national organisation, a college or university, or any other organization that lends itself to discussion and analysis.

You are expected to prepare a MARKETING PLAN that includes your organization’s launch of new products/services as part of the international expansion plan.

The Marketing Plan should contain the following:

  1. Executive Summary: You should summarise your entire case study briefly (no more than one page of A4 paper). This should outline the key messages and be prepared in a format that would be suitable for presentation to the senior management team of the example organization.
  1. Introduction: You should introduce your organization of choice, giving details about its size, its product offering including any branding, and the market(s) in which it currently operates. You will also critically discuss the local, national, and regional context of marketing approaches employed by your chosen organization.
  1. Situational Analysis: Conduct a SWOT and PESTLE Analysis and the outputs of this analysis will be used to synthesize ideas and develop the entry criteria strategies you wish to adopt for the international market of your chosen organization.
  1. Entry Strategies: You must identify at least two possible international entry methods that can be used by your organization. You should evaluate the benefits of each method to the organisation in terms of indicators such as forecasted market share, targeted market segment or possible mergers or acquisition. You must then critically evaluate the influence of the changing business environment on the marketing priorities and marketing management functions of the organisation.
  1. New Product Development: Assess and evaluate at least 3 strengths and at least 3 weaknesses of the new product development process in your chosen organization and devise an international marketing strategy using Ansoff Matrix that will help expand the business in the international marketplace. You should then include timescales, budget analysis and audit mechanisms for completion and the area of the business responsible for the action.
  1. Brand Management: Critically discuss Keller’s brand equity model and apply to your organisation’s products. Thereafter, conduct research into at least two psychological and sociological factors influencing consumer decision making and develop a branding strategy based on your research and data analysis. The strategy should propose forecasted responses and the conversion rate of prospective consumers.

Recommendations and Conclusion: Finally, summarise and discuss all the acquired findings and analysis and provide a conclusion. Communicate the recommendations for adequate marketing strategy for the chosen organization to expand the business in the global market.

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