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Internet Activity 3- Third Parties


Third Parties


America has an interesting assortment of minor political parties. Use this Directory of U.S. Political Parties
and select two Third Parties (NOT Democrats or Republicans) from the
list that you would like to learn more about. Choose at least one of the
“Big Three” Third Parties. Explore their sites and answer question. Do
NOT copy and paste information directly from the website’s you visit.
Summarize information in your own words.


For each of the two parties you’ve chosen, answer all of the following questions:

  • What is the name of party?
  • How did the party get started?
  • What is the basic philosophy of this party? What does it stand for?
  • What are three current political issues of importance to this party? Give specific, well-developed examples.
    Does this party hold regular conventions?
  • Did this party run a candidate for president in the most recent presidential election? Who was it?
  • Is there a chapter of this party in your local community? If not, is there one for your state?
  • Do you think that minor parties such as these have any influence in American politics? If so what is it?
  • Would you consider voting for this party or joining it? Explain your reasoning?

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