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internet and Technology writing homework help


Purpose: To persuade my audience that the excessive use of internet (i.e. social media) and modern technology (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.) is hindering and restricting our creativity.
Organization: Use the appropriate pattern of organization: (i.e. cause & effect, problem-solution, chronological, topical, categorical, etc.)
Outline of the speech
Introduction I. Attention-getter – something that really gets the audienceâ€s attention
II. Thematic Statement – A statement of your topic and your specific stand on the topic
III. Establish credibility – be specific, ie. the specific website, periodical, book, etc.
IV. Preview Statement. Stating the main points
I- Please include 3 main ideas backed up by supporting material.
II- Determine what is most worthwhile, interesting, and important to include in your speech. (be selective about what you use.) Conclusion I. Summary – reiterate thematic statement
II. Concluding Remarks
Text book reference: o Beebe, Steven & Beebe, Susan. (2015).Public Speaking. An Audience-Centered Approach. Ninth Edition. Boston, MA: PEARSON.

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