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Open the web application and review the files1. Open the XEx06Reservation web application.2. Review the code in the Request.aspx web page. Then, set Request.aspx as the startpage for the application.3. Run the Request page to see how much work has been done for you. Notice that itincludes the header, footer, headings, labels, text boxes for the arrival date and firstname, and the buttons. So your job is to add the rest of the ASP.NET controls.Add the controls for the form4. Note that the control for the arrival date is just a text box. Then, add a text box for thedeparture date thatâ€s like the one for the arrival date.5. Add the drop-down list for the number of people, with choices of 1, 2, 3, and 4.6. Add a radio button list or three radio button controls for bed type. Note that the divthat will contain these controls has a “bedtype” class already assigned.7. Add the text boxes for the last name, email address, and telephone number entries.Add the C# code for the form8. Code an event handler for the Click event of the Submit button that displays thismessage in the label thatâ€s below the buttons:Thank you for your request.We will get back to you within 24 hours.9. Code an event handler for the Click event of the Clear button that returns all thecontrol values to their defaults. If you used individual radio buttons for the bed type,you may need to turn the checked attribute off for the Two Queens and One Queenoptions as well as turning the checked attribute for the King option on.Add the required field validators10. Add the required field validators to the right of the arrival date, departure date, firstname, last name, email address, and telephone number fields. The error messageshould just be “Required Field”. Set the CssClass property for this and all the othervalidators in this exercise to “text-danger”.Add the compare validators11. Add a compare validator for the arrival date text box. This validator should checkthat a date is entered into this text box.12. Add a compare validator for the departure date text box. This validator should checkthat the departure date is after the arrival date.13. Test these validators, and fix any problems. When you test the arrival date for a validdate entry, keep in mind that many different formats are acceptable.Add the regular expression validators14. Add regular expression validators for the email address and telephone number fields.15. Test these validators.Make any final adjustments16. Test the application one last time, and make any final adjustments. For instance, toget the error messages to display properly, the Display property for each one shouldbe set to Dynamic, and the CssClass property should be set to “text-danger”.

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