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Write an essay in which you interpret the overall meaning (or message) of a single poem in MLA Format. Choose a poem which you feel provide enough depth and material for your essay. Make sure to express the meaning or the message in a clear thesis statement. The best way to approach this essay would be to ask yourself: “What’s the single message, or lesson, the poet is trying to get across?” If you can answer that question, you will be on your way to developing an arguable thesis. A thesis statement will look something like this: “In the poem [ insert name of poem], the author [name the author] suggests that [insert a claim that is arguable]. For example: ” In the poem, “The Vigil”, the poet Rumi suggest that human beings have an innate need for spiritual companionship that ultimately finds us. Minimum 1200 words, and team for this poem will be People among People. The explanation have to go before inserting the quote.
This evening, the sturdy Levi’s_x000D_
I wore every day for over a year_x000D_
& which seemed to the end_x000D_
in perfect condition,_x000D_
suddenly tore._x000D_
How or why I don’t know,_x000D_
but there it was: a big rip at the crotch._x000D_
A month ago my friend Nick_x000D_
walked off a racquetball court,_x000D_
got into his street clothes,_x000D_
& halfway home collapsed & died._x000D_
Take heed, you who read this,_x000D_
& drop to your knees now & again_x000D_
like the poet Christopher Smart,_x000D_
& kiss the earth & be joyful,_x000D_
& make much of your time,_x000D_
& be kindly to everyone,_x000D_
even to those who do not deserve it._x000D_
For although you may not believe _x000D_
it will happen,_x000D_
you too will one day be gone,_x000D_
I, whose Levi’s ripped at the crotch_x000D_
for no reason,_x000D_
assure you that such is the case._x000D_
Pass it on.
—Steve Kowit

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