Interprofessional Communication


After watching the YouTube video Missed Opportunities for Interprofessional Practice:

Answer all these questions bellow;

Identify one example of a communication skill, strategy, and/or factor used by an individual member of the health care team that contributed to effective communication and collaboration.
Identify one example of a barrier to effective communication and collaboration.
Identify one way in which communication could have been improved during this patient conference.
Where do you see interprofessional collaboration in your practice or school clinical setting? Give an example.
Be sure to include in your discussion terms you learned from your readings (i.e., communication style, attributes of effective communication, factors that influence communication, therapeutic communication strategies, etc.) and provide an in text citation and a reference citation for your text book.

Required Readings text book:
Blais, K. & Hayes, J. (2016). Professional nursing practice: Concepts & perspectives (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ.: Pearson Education Inc. pgs. 245-262, 264-283.

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