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I need this essay within 24 hrs no more than that will be accepted.

– In the leed file you will know how to write an introduction
 – Please describe the place in the introduction ( Starbucks )

-Body Paragraphs:

1- Talk about past

2- Current

3- Future


What did I learn



1- MLA format.

2- 5-6 pages

3-Do not use ” Thing , You, A lot” use other word. If it’s a quote keep it as it is. All of the answers in the transcript is quotes. The transcript is the interview.

4- Please use body language and describe how we answered the questions. For example, sigh and it was a long day. Another example, scratching his head and thinking.

5- note that no more than 4 lines in the quotes! Please use the important quotes and the rest paraphrase them and use them wherever you like. No more than 4 lines per quote!


Files :

1- Transcript : the interview

2- Prompt 1 and 2 are the prompts

3-leed file ( for introductions)

4- Techniques



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