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Discussion Question: Module 4


You are helping out in a middle school classroom. One of the students in the class is finding a math worksheet challenging, and while working on it with you, he says, ā€œIā€™m just not very smart.ā€ Consider your newfound scientific understanding of thinking and intelligence. Choose one topic from among the following: the availability heuristics, multiple intelligences, attitudes about intelligence, grit (or, for that matter, anything else covered in this chapter). How can you draw upon this concept to formulate a response to the student that will better position him for eventual academic success?

Assignment: Module 4

Assignment Overview

Should the criminal justice system put as much emphasis as it does on eyewitness testimony? What are some possible circumstances that could influence memory in eyewitnesses to say they saw something they might not really have seen?


  • Written assignment should comprise of a title page, main body (text), and a reference page. (Total of three pages). NO ABSTRACT
  • Link to an example of title page, main body, and reference page
  • Use the textbook as a reference and make sure to cite it within the text.
  • Paper should be doubled spaced, Times Roman 12 pt.
  • Create paper in a Word Document and submit in Week 4 Assignment
  • One full page of written text (main body) required.

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