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Introduction For a technical summary report


Write an Introduction describeing the goal or objective and any hypothesis, any literature review or background research you did using the references, why it is important, context, motivation etc.

  1. Project Title: Who will leave, & who will stay? – Job Changes of A Data Scientist(HR Analytics)
  2. Brief description of dataset: A company wants to hire data scientists that successfully pass a course conducted by the company. Through this, all those who have signed up as well as attended the training will either stay and work, or leave. Analyzing the demographics, education, and experience are all based on the candidates. Most of the data is numeric, with some text variables in the dataset. We want to understand what leads a person to leave their current job. All in all, through this dataset we want to predict the probability of a candidate staying to work for the company or deciding to leave and look for another job.
  3. Data: https://www.kaggle.com/arashnic/hr-analytics-job-c…

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