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Introduction to political science


I got two papers in same class. One is 10 pages and the other is 5 pages.


Each is about a different books. one of the books must be with you otherwise i cant have access to it. but the other book will given from me to access. 

 First Paper:





http://www.pinkmonkey.com/dl/library1/digi381.pdf (access to the book)


Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

Your best society in five to seven pages or your way.


A.   Imagine! How will life be if we meet Lord Keynes’ schedule? Now go to sleep and wake up in the New World 2050. Deal with the culture as Bellamy did. Don’t go for the technological fix.


Second paper:

Understanding politics by William S. Stewart(must have access to the book)



Use Stewart’s framework to code the culture of your best society and compare it to Radical Liberalism (ten page)


B.  Analysis of your world”: Use the framework presented by Stewart to structure your presentation. Remember one purpose (50%) of the final is to demonstrate your understanding/mastery of the conceptual material.




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