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Introducton to Legal Research UNIT 3


Introduction to Legal Research
Subject: Law
Category: American Law
Level: University
Deadline: 2015-07-26 14:07


Please read through the following fact pattern. The fact pattern is one that you used last week.

Samantha Smith came into your office. She was shopping at a local grocery store a few months ago and had an accident. While she was in the aisle with shower items she slipped and fell on some shampoo that had leaked out of one of the bottles.

Samantha had to be taken to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a broken hip and had to spend the night in the hospital. She will also have to go through many months of physical therapy. Samantha has no healthcare insurance and is a young single mother to a 2 year old son.

The store says that they were not aware of the spill of the shampoo. The store said that an employee checks the aisles for anything on the floors at the top of the hour. The day Samantha fell, the employee in charge of the aisle inspection was an older gentleman with glasses. The shampoo on the floor was a clear gel. She fell about 1:30 p.m. The store log says an inspection was last done at 1:00 p.m. The accident happened in a store in Indiana.

Please conduct the basic research for this problem, using Westlaw. Then provide the following information:

Find one case that is mandatory authority for this problem.

Provide the following two items:

A short brief of the case. A proper brief should include: the full Bluebook citation, the facts, issue, rule, analysis, and conclusion. 
A short FIRAC analysis applying one or both of the cases to the client’s problem based on the findings of your research. Click the icon below for an example of FIRAC.
Here is an outline of what your FIRAC paragraph should look like:
Facts: Samantha’s case
Issue: The Slip and fall issue
Rule: The rule from the case you located on slip and fall. (full citation to case)
Analysis: Apply the case law you located to your facts. You can do this by making comparisons and applying the analysis from the case you located.
Conclusion: Based on the analysis above, what will probably be the result in Samantha’s case?
For more information on how to complete a brief read the article below.

Source: Blat, D. L., Esq. How To Brief a Case. Retrieved from http://lawschool.westlaw.com/highcourt/HowToBrief.doc

Detailed explanation: YES
Specific requirements:


Student found one case from the proper jurisdiction.
The case that the student located is on the proper issue.
Student briefed the assignment case and the research case providing the Facts, Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion for a total of two case briefs.
The student provided the bluebook citation for the research case.
Format meets APA guidelines and Bluebook rules as appropriate, including use of title pages. There is no playful experimentation with fancy fonts.
It is written for the appropriate audience.
Writing shows both internal citations in the body of the text as well as a proper list of references at the end of the paper, following APA or Bluebook format.
Citations appear consistently where needed, whether following quoted or paraphrased material in the text.
Note: In papers requiring secondary sources, failure to provide any citation does not result in a deduction of 10% from the paper, but will result in a failed paper and a plagiarism investigation.

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