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Investing in the Stock Market Discussion


I’m working on a finance question and need guidance to help me learn.

Find a video clip on the internet and post it in the discussion along with a description. Each student finds a short video clip on the internet and embeds it in the group’s “Video Clip Activity” discussion forum (as a reply). Note: just copy and paste the video link. If you find a YouTube video, Canvas will automatically show the video thumbnail with a play button. About 1-5 minutes is the recommended length for the clip. The video clip you post is related to any finance topic, should teach you something about that topic you did not know before, and should be of interest to you. (To get some ideas, you can check the course syllabus to see a list of finance topics covered in this course. But ideally, your video covers a finance topic that is not covered in this class. A option is that your video clip is related to careers in finance. Different finance careers are listed under Modules, Other Course Materials, Careers in Finance). You can choose any kind of clip, for example: a clip from a news program, an educational website, movie, television show, TEDx talk, Internet V-log, documentary or biography. (Note: YouTube can be a great source of such videos. You can also do a Google search on a finance topic and click on “Videos” under “More” to narrow your search down from “All” sources to just videos). Please embed your clip to your group’s discussion board and, in three to five sentences, briefly explain what this video is about, how it relates to finance, what you learned from it, and why you found this clip interesting.

Important note: Please select videos that do NOT use any foul language. Preferably, videos should be produced by a reputable source (such as Khan Academy, Bloomberg News, Investopedia, TEDx, etc.). Also, professional business language using correct grammar is expected for your posts in all discussions. Always keep the conversation positive and refrain from using negative comments or sarcasm.

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